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The ancient art of Ayurveda is part of the wisdom and lore of India. Its power and efficacy is recognised across the world, and is a source of great pride to us. Naval Herbal has always been in the forefront of developing and promoting Ayurvedic products. Indeed it is the foundation on which our centre was originally built, and continues to be an area of great importance to us.

As we enter the third millennium, we are confident that Ayurveda will have continued relevance. As it strength. so it seemed appropriate to dedicate this website to this grand medical tradition, and bring to you just a few gems from this rich treasure trove.

Vaidya Shri Navinbhai Oza (1940 – 1998)

Born in Rajkot on 20th september 1940.
After Firstclass in SSC, He joined First year Science in Saint Xaviers College in Ahemedabad. After Passing in First year science he joined DSAC in Sudh Ayurved Maha Vidyalaya, Vadodara. During his study in DSAC, he started writing Ayurvedic articles in “Vaidya Kalptaru” Magazine.

He cleared 1st year examination of DSAC with top in Gujarat and was honoured by Rajyapal.  He also cleared 4th year examination of DSAC with top  in Gujarat, and awarded by Rajyapal sri Mehndi Nawab with silver cup.  During study he published “Amruta” every three months, and which was very much popular among students.

He started job for one year after passing DSAC in Clinic of Gram Panchayat.

After that he joined H.P.A. Post Graduation Course in Jamnagar.  He was elected as a Presidnet of Post Graduation Centre – Jamnagar in 1964. and which happened for the  first time in the history of the centre that  a  Gujarati person was elected as a President.  He cleared H.P.A. Examination in 1965.
He joined as a Panchkarma Vaidya in Sarkari Suddh Ayurved Mahavidyalaya in 1967. At that time Gujarat Ayurved University was inaugarated and election was declared, once again he was elected.

After elected in university he gave service in university as a senetor from 1967 to 1972.  During his government job after 1967, he gave service at Kherdi, Kolki, Gambhira, Saputara and Popatpura in Panchkarama hospital.

He started his own business in 1979 after 12 years of government service.  He visited Rajkot every 1st date of month and Junagadh every 2nd date of the month for constant 15 years for Ayurvedic Practice.  Fulchab of Rajkot published his Ayurvedic writeup, which helped each and every person of Saurastra to take the  advantage of his knowledge.

His main activity among all busy schedule was writing Ayurvedic articles. He wrote so many thigs releated with how to help Ayurved in day to day life of human being.  He was a life member in National Vaidya commitee.
He was honoured as a Vice Chairman in All India Ayurved Seminar.

Vaidya Nimish N. Oza

President: Gujarat Ayurved Research & Development Centre
Secretory: Jan Seva Kendra
Co-Secretory: Vadodara district Vaidya Association
Trustee: Aarogya Pracharak Mandal – Vadodara
Trustee: Ayurved Seva Samaj – Vadodara
Trustee: Shiramali Brahmin Vikas Mandal – Vadodara
Trustee: Chandanben Seva Trust – Rajkot
Editor: Jan Arogya Prakashan – Vadodara

Dr. Bindu N. Oza

Dr. Bindu Oza is doing her consultancy as a specialist in cosmetic herbal (Ayurvedic) treatment. She is always doing research and development in Ayurvedic herbal treatment with absolutely non side effect to human body.

She is also developing herbal (Ayurvedic) cosmetic products which is usefull to all of us without any side effects to skin and body. She is also specialist in the disease like Obesity, Reproductive disorder, beauty and skin disease & all types of ladies problems